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How to Stream Boxing

Get ready to rumble! With Sports-VPN, you can access streams from all over the world, including exclusive broadcasts of boxing matches that you may not be able to watch in your region.

Where to Watch Boxing

Streaming Boxing with DAZN

DAZN is the premier boxing streaming service, with live broadcasting rights for many fights across the world, and you can watch most fights with a regular subscription. It offers a 7 day free trial and has a super online streaming service:


  1. Get Sports VPN, turn on the VPN geo-location to Canada.
  2. Subscribe to DAZN ($25CAD per month, 7 day free trial).
  3. You are ready to go!


Our customers have found that DAZN requires a Canadian credit card and post code to accept payment. You can pay using PayPal use a DAZN pre-paid card, which can be purchased on Amazon or directly from DAZN! Note we suggest purchasing the gift card with the Canada geo-location turned on.

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